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Flow Cytometry

The Joslin Flow Cytometry Core provides reliable and affordable cell sorting and flow cytometry services to its users so that they can isolate, analyze, and study cells that increase our understanding of diabetes and its complications, and ultimately develop treatments and cures for these diseases. Cell sorting technology is continuously evolving and improving, enabling new approaches to questions in diabetes research.  In addition, because flow cytometry is traditionally thought of as an immunology tool, the Joslin Core’s mission includes activities that enhance the use of flow cytometry in other research areas, bringing this technology to new users and stimulating new avenues of diabetes research.

Services Offered:

1. Cell analysis. The Joslin Core provides two instruments dedicated to cell analysis: a BD LSR-II (up to 12 fluorescent parameters), and a Miltenyi Biotec MACSQuant (up to 7 fluorescent parameters and ability to directly count cells) The researcher uses directly after training.
2. Cell sorting.  The Flow Cytometry Core has a 9 parameter MoFlo cell sorter for sterile sorting and a FACSAria cell sorter (3 laser, 14 parameter) that accommodates  sorting of live  non-infectious primary human cells. These instruments are run directly by the Core personnel.

3. Large object sorting. The Complex Object Parametric Analyzer and Sorter (COPAS) BioSort system is specially designed to analyze and sort objects ranging from 40-1500 microns. 

4. Magnetic cell enrichment. Through our collaborative arrangement with the HSCI Core, the Joslin Core houses an automated magnetic cell separation AutoMACS device, which provides high yield enrichment of rare cell populations via magnetic selection, which helps to reduce per user sort times by enabling better pre-sort enrichment of target cells prior to sorting.

5. Automatic cell counting. The Joslin Core  houses two pieces of equipment for automatic cell counting.  A Cellometer Vision Trio Cellprofiler system combines bright field microscopy and fluorescence detection to determining total cell numbers, measuring cell viability, and quantifying GFP expression. A Hemavet 950FS Multi Species Hematology System specializes in counting differential white blood cells (WBCs) with 24 parameters including total WBC, erythrocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte, neutrophil and other granulocyte subtypes, and platelet numbers.

6. Data analysis. For flow cytometry data analysis the Core provides a dedicated computer within the Core, facilitating training and advice from Core staff as well as portable licenses for FlowJo software.

Core Ordering

Core Personnel

Tom Serwold, PhD, Core Director

Amy Wagers, PhD, Associate Director

Joyce LaVecchio, Core Manager

Giri Buruzula, Core Assistant Manager

Atsuya Wakabayashi, Core Operator

Core Ordering

Page last updated: September 19, 2019